The first contact with Digital Marketing

My first contact with Digital Marketing came with the growth of social networks and the need to appear on the internet. I had already been developing several design projects and the demand came naturally. That’s when I looked to Harve to “learn”, and what seemed like a distant world was already closer in the first days of class. My background was in information technology, but I always identified with visual development, it was common to think about the look of programs and how they should be intuitive and pleasant, while my colleagues thought about codes and databases, I thought about colors and sources. My first buy cell phone numbers for marketing was an internship to work with websites, which I was very comfortable with. However, after the internship, I went to work with computer infrastructure, it was stressful, but it paid better.

How was the way here

Harve met my interest in learning, when searching for a course on the internet I found Harve and Aldeia, but I chose Harve because it seemed like a more complete course and because it had better indications. I nailed it, I met incredible mentors with great knowledge, experience and especially the didactics to guide those who were starting their journey in this new world. I met people with the same objective as mine, with the same sparkle in their eyes, which helped a lot during the course.

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Infrastructure area And now?

Even after the course, it was difficult to leave the infrastructure area, I spent two years looking for jobs in the digital marketing area, every now and then some demand came up, but nothing that made me change areas. When I left the company I was working for, I was surprisingly relieved. I took a vacation like I had never done before, and after a few months I started looking for a job in the marketing field, and as I predicted, it wasn’t easy. Disputing vacancies with young people, trained in marketing and with more DV Leads, is something that scared me a little. But when applying for jobs, I got a sense of the market’s need for professionals in the digital marketing area. And how much the Harve course helped, either by weight or by the experience gained.

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