Support During the Development Process

The website with contrast button New Fountain Canada WhatsApp Number List adapted the design where necessary to meet the requirements and built the website in WordPress. Clean code is key when making websites Canada WhatsApp Number List accessible. That is why accessibility Canada WhatsApp Number List can really only be addressed from the start of construction.

We Took Care of the Project Management

Everything that is visible must also be readable in code for the auxiliary Canada WhatsApp Number List software that visitors may use. And the website must be accessible to everyone. So also with a keyboard or with the voice. That demands a lot from the technology used. The code provides the right Canada WhatsApp Number List handles for the visitor’s accessibility software in all relevant positions. An example is labeling input fields of forms, so that the reading software recognizes what needs.

In addition to the official review, the website has also been test with Canada WhatsApp Number List people who have little or no vision. For example, how they operate the site with a Braille Canada WhatsApp Number List browser or reading software. Then everything falls into place at once and you see why you are doing it.

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