The common keyboards, headphones, and mice rank the top three, with spending between

The data in this article all from the 2022 Edenr x IAccord to the latest survey results,.More than 80% of players who play e-sports games . Pay attention to events. The main sources of information for everyone are websites, TV, and friends. The most frequently visited e-sports communities are Bahamut and PTT. These e-sports players  also brought about growth in their peripheral performance. More than 80% of them have e-sports accessories. The common keyboards. headphones. and mice rank the top three with spend between 1,900 and 2,900 yuan; the fourth-ranked For monitors, the average payment amount is 4,271 yuan. The operation of e-sports events and the consumer selection of related e-sports accessories, as well as new business opportunities that may emerge at any time, are trends that various game platforms, game developers and accessories manufacturers need to pay close attention to. Responsible editor: Xu Qiaoli Reviewing editor: Huang Wenjie you may also like ‘The Morality of the Powerful’: On the scale of the Iraq war setback, Bush Jr’s status is unlikely to advance to the top 10 presidents “Artificial insemination” is not the same as “test tube baby”.


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The two? The New York Namibia Phone Number Times: The Russian-Ukrainian War has taught the United States that it must help Taiwan become a “porcupine” enough to deter China from attacking Trump sold 18 heavy torpedoes to Taiwan. In addition to defending against Chinese submarines, they also have the potential to counter the Liaoning and Shandong aircraft carriers Tsai Ing-wen met with Guo Taiming, and they highly agreed that “the vaccine will be delivered directly from the original factory, the sooner the better”, and the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council approved “deliberately avoiding Shanghai Fosun” [Street Relativity] Zhu Jiahan x Chen Zhaoyuan (Part 2).


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The dark Favorite articlesSubscribe .To this author View 0 View 0 TNL Web Salon Defends Your Voice. Feel Free to Speak Here Go to TNL Online Salon to see .More topics 0 opinions more topics Tags. Key Issues Research Center Gaming Bahamut PTT Mobile01 eSports game. E-sports game events monitor keyboard earphone mouse More. BRAND STUDIO 2022/07/22, Business Generation Z is registering. For the first year! Dream industry . Creative stage is more important than salary Generation Z is registering. For the first year. Dream industry open. Creative stage is more important than salaryPhoto Credi.Shutterstock key agent key agent Key Agent is a content area where Key Review Network. Communicates its brand image and expresses corporate social responsibility with readers. The content is produc. By the BRAND STUDIO team. Subscribe to authors Favorite this article. The amount of a cup of coffee per month. Support the birth of good ideas, and enjoy a better reading experience.

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