The combination between Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation

We know that digital marketing is the set of virtual usa whatsapp number and strategies that complement each other to create an entire promotion system that allows our brands to go far on digital platforms. Although there are some strategies that work so well together that it is difficult to explain them separately. Although in this case, it is necessary that we understand separately what is the essential part of marketing automation in our inbound marketing strategies so that we understand its importance and how it can make some day-to-day tasks easier for us. Let’s see some differences.

Diferencias entre inbound marketing y marketing automation

Inbound marketing is one of those philosophies that can be applied on its own to effectively promote our company, although it is also true that , supported by certain techniques, it can make our efforts more profitable. One of the things we pay the most attention to is creating original content on our website and social media to achieve a great position in internet search results. Basically, it is one of those marketing strategies that works on 4 levels, the first is to attract, the second stage is to capture the user, then we go on to convert them and finally to retain them. In this way, we avoid harassing potential customers to attract them more naturally.

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How to implement marketing automation

Now, now that we know what all those benefits are that these DV Leads can offer us to increase the performance of our business on the Internet, we must pay attention to what those techniques are that will help us implement marketing automation with greater precision , applying a marketing tool. marketing adjusted to our needs and the objectives we want to achieve. In this way, the most common methods to implement them are the following: Email marketing : It consists of creating campaigns on delivery platforms to motivate customers to buy. On the Internet we have a wide variety of systems at hand that will allow us to send massive or personalized messages in a more efficient, organized and measurable way.

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