The Biggest Slice Of The Serp Pie

Serp features bring out the most useful results. And among them, featured snippets are the biggest attention stealers. When a page is presented for a certain query. The snippet takes up a lot of screen space (sometimes all of it) so searchers can’t miss it. It is not surprising that the more visible the page is in the serps, the more visitors it receives. But what is the true correlation between snippets and clicks and what is the value of these. Snippets for seo in this articl. We’ll explore the history of featured snippets their types and the influence they can have on search optimization.


What are featured snippets from Google?

A featured snippet is a block of content pulled  Peru Phone Number List  from a web page because it is most relevant to the query and is placed in position zero in the SERP, leaving all other results below. It’s called a featured snippet because, unlike a plain bluelist, it features a certain part of a page. While regular snippets are generated from title and description tags , featured snippets adapt to the query and extract the most relevant information. Google believes that snippets make it easier for users to find what they’re looking for because they put essential details above all other results.


A brief history of featured snippets

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The featured snippets were first released in January 2014. They were sometimes referred to as Google’s “answer boxes” or Google’s “quick answers” and were mostly associated with short questions. Already that year, website owners and SEOs realized they could take advantage of this innovation, prompting a series of articles describing how to optimize snippets.

Even though the seo community had used the term before. Featured snippets were officially named as such in 2016. At that time short answers pulled from google’s database.Without reference to a particular source were no longer confused with featured snippets.



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