The 7 Secrets to Make Your Video Marketing Armenia Phone Number

This is a question that has been bugging marketers for years, and it means the difference between multiplying the results Armenia Phone Number of your campaign or going unnoticed on the internet. The fact is that we don’t have a magic formula to make a video go viral , but over time experts have been discovering what are the “Ingredients” that make a video more and more shared. Next, I will tell you the 7 secrets for your video to go viral and 7 successful examples of viral video marketing. Do you want to know which is the best video marketing format for each phase of the conversion funnel? Armenia Phone Number Click here and download our free course. The 7 secrets to make your video marketing viral successful

Examplesthe 7 Secrets of Viral Videos Armenia Phone Number

Examplesthe 7 secrets of viral videos 1) the social value social value refers to the image of ourselves that we Armenia Phone Number to others . On social media, we tend to share posts that project a positive image of our lives, for example photos from vacations. Therefore, products that are linked to experiences and that project prestige or other positive qualities are more likely to become the protagonists of a viral video marketing campaign . A very clear example of this type of product is the cheesesteak at the barclay prime restaurant in philadelphia. Normally this dish does not cost more than 5 dollars and it is Armenia Phone Number an everyday meal that people would not share on their

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Networks but the One in This Armenia Phone Number

Networks but the one in this restaurant costs. 100 dollars and has swept it away the reason is that. Its high price is linked to exclusivity and makes. It feel like a special experience. Which is why armenia phone number almost everyone. Who tries it talks about it on their networks. Another way to project social value is to. Associate videos with charitable causes for example. With the famous ice bucket challenge against sclerosis. 2) the activators ( triggers ) the activators are. Responsible for reminding the consumer of the. Existence of our product associating. It with other elements of their daily life . Thus, every time they think about that. Moment in their day-to-day life.


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