The 53 Best Digital Marketing Blogs in Spanish [2022]

Whether you are one of those who are just starting out in the world of business fax numbers list or if you already know the most popular blogs in the sector, this article interests you. Surely, as you have already verified, this niche is huge and the number of blogs on this topic is enormous. Apart from that, it is added that these blogs talk about a lot of different issues. With this article, what I am looking for is to provide you with a small, but completely useful, list with the 53 best Spanish-speaking blogs of the most influential bloggers in the sector that can help you learn and achieve success in your projects. I am aware that there are many excellent blogs that I will not mention.

Best Online Marketing blogs

Álex Serrano is an Online Marketing and SEO consultant, and a professor on the Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing at Aula CM. On his blog, which he has given life to for more than 6 years, you can find content about SEO and digital marketing. Alvaro is co-founder of Raiola Networks, one of the best hosting companies in Spain. On his blog he mainly writes tips and updates about WordPress. He also addresses issues related to WPO (Web Performance Optimization) and CMS ( Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, Magento, etc).

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Marketing and Web

It is the blog of Miguel Florido, a DV Leads in the digital marketing sector. In addition, he runs his own school, is a teacher, speaker and has a podcast where he talks about entrepreneurship, digital marketing, advertising and online business strategy. His blog stands out for its quality content and the variety of topics it addresses, such as online advertising, SEO, social networks, online businesses, etc.

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