The 4 “F” of Digital Marketing

When we are responsible for managing an online store, it is afghanistan phone number example to follow a digital marketing strategy that allows us to: Reach our target audience and make them feel attracted to our content. Being on the site you can easily find what you are looking for . That you receive an immediate response when you decide to contact us. May you have a satisfactory experience throughout this process , buy our product and recommend it. These are the moments that are part of digital marketing and that can be structured and thought through the 4 “F” , which are: flow , functionality , feedback and loyalty . We share some trigger questions so you can define them in your online store.

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In conclusion, There for, Subscribe to the Tiendanube newsletter and receive weekly exclusive content on Marketing, Sales, E-commerce Management, Social Networks and much more! Are you going to miss it? Email you email to subscribe Subscribe to the Tiendanube newsletter Flow What kind of user experience do you offer within your network? What degree of interactivity is intended to achieve? What is the added value that you offer in the content ? How do you differentiate yourself from the competition regarding content? What are the keywords that define your market niche? What online advertising strategy are you going to implement?

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Functionality /Feedback

Above all, How is the information distributed within the store ? How is the DV Leads of the website? Where will the calls to action be placed ? What banners are you going to use in the store ? How proposal are you going to offer to generate curiosity? Above all, What are the priority actions you want users to take? In other words, How will you know the user ? By what means are you going to contact you? Are you going to serve customers and support them ? Will the dialogue be established? Above all, How will you build a relationship based on their needs ? There for, Its and what will you do with customer information?

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