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With enough data, you can safely rule out the influence of a lot of spending. But would you specifically discard the juiciest part. The rare business models where the instinctive, faith-based advertiser somehow wins from a decision to say the devil with the truisms and spend big where others are afraid to tread After all. If the performance case is rock solid. Surely everyone will know about it, and the rising media price will ultimately make profit elusive.

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Credit should opt for conservatism. There is a huge problem with the credit of “after view” conversions. If enough ad impressions Macedonia Phone Number are paid for and served to humans. Almost every purchase made online could be affiliated with a past view of the ad. Got a formula that assigns a “reasonable” amount of fractional credit to previous ad impressions or even crap clicks.

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Keep the price of these interactions as low as possible so that advertisers can buy ten times as many. If Google Attribution becomes the benchmark, some sneaky publishers and networks will say. Let the game begin.” Models that seek to be smart enough to attribute “some influence” to an interaction, as opposed to none, may well over-credit poor quality media. But if the model retaliates by erring on the side of no influence in too many cases, then we haven’t discovered anything new about where and how to advertise.

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Can we trust free products In summary. Unbiased attribution measurement that unifies channel reporting and goes beyond the oversimplifications of last-click attribution models would be a sight for many of us. Needless to say, however, questions will remain about the biases inherent in any attribution product operated by the world’s largest seller of online advertising.

Despite the dangers, I keep an open mind. Today’s vendor landscape is littered with those who will simply pull (potentially biased) analytics data from multiple platforms into a reporting dashboard. Google is virtually the only company that has the ability to intelligently “de-duplicate” award credits or. In other words, subtly award partial credits across all channels in a fair and actionable way. Right off the bat, though, let’s push Google to maximize the information available on demand. If it’s claimed that Google Attribution can help

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