Tax for buying ads on Facebook and Instagram

Not everyone knows that when planning an advertising budget. You need to lay down 20% of the total amount for tax. And this is an important part of setting up targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Since 2019, Facebook ads in Russia are subject to value added tax . And now, all companies providing Internet services in Russia are required to pay VAT at a rate of 20%. If earlier the provision of services and the sale of goods via the Internet was uncontrolled and companies could evade paying taxes, now everything is finland cell phone number. In this article, we will tell you how taxation on advertising works in Russia and who has to pay VAT.

What is VAT?

VAT (Value Added Tax) is an indirect tax that is levied on the value of a good or service. VAT is deducted as a separate payment, in the amount of 20% of the amount spent on advertising. When planning a budget, you need to take this moment into account, setting the actual budget less and remember about VAT. Example For example, if your advertising budget is 2400 rubles, VAT of 20% will be charged on top of this amount. As a result, you will pay 2880 rubles (2400 + VAT 20% = 2880). The overpayment will be 480 rubles. When you enter the room, you become a listener and, if you wish, you can be active and ask your question “raising your hand” – for this you need to click on the appropriate icon. When the room moderator turns on the microphone, you will be able to speak.

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Who has to pay VAT for advertising?

By law, all companies providing Internet services in the territory of the Russian Federation are required to pay VAT. Only those accounts where the country of the company is Russia are subject to VAT. Previously, only legal entities paid VAT, now the tax is also charged to individuals. DV Leads is charged regardless of the purpose for which you purchase ads on Facebook and in what format – commercial or personal, through Business Manager or through the Instagram app. VAT is added to the total amount of debited funds and is charged according. To the calculated rate when funds are credited to the advertising “What to do at the Clubhouse?”. This is the most frequently asked question from users of the site. You need to go to the social network for useful content and people with whom you can chat in real time.

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