Studying Digital Marketing can give you a world of variety

Were you using WhatsApp in 2011? Or were you using the Google assistant to look things up in 2015? The answer would probably be no. These examples exemplify how fast the internet changes. It changes every year, and these changes aren’t silly, they’re the opposite. Digital marketers have to adapt to these changes constantly. So they are always learning new things and mastering new colombia phone number whatsapp. If you are looking for a field that is full of novelty and variety, then you should choose digital marketing.

Studying digital marketing is promising as it is a technical and creative field

Studying digital marketing is worthwhile and adds a lot as it requires a unique combination of both creativity and technical knowledge. You’ll be writing headlines that draw attention to ad campaigns, and you’ll also be checking campaign performance. Because this is a vast field, so it has a variety of sectors, in which each of these sectors requires a unique skill mix. For example, a content marketer must know how to write amazing blog articles. In contrast, a social media marketer must know how to run a great promotion campaign.

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Is Digital Marketing College Worth It?

If you are still in doubt about this, consider the following points: First: starting because digital marketing is an area that changes very quickly, and maybe a lot of the content that they will teach you, are outdated, due to the fact that they take about 2 years to be approved by the MEC, so they are 2 years late, and this in digital marketing is quite a thing. Second: many of the professors have only theoretical knowledge of the area, as they have never managed the marketing of a company, which ends up leaving a gap between theory and what works in reality, making their knowledge doubtful and sometimes not applicable in DV Leads. Considering these two points, I leave it to you to decide between a quick course or a digital marketing college.

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