Study brings consolidation of WhatsApp as a Marketing

Why carry out a study on the impact of whatsapp on marketing and sales?
One of the known maxims for both marketing and sales work is that brands need to be where people are. Also. They have to talk to the right people on the right channel. As we have seen. The number of people who prefer whatsapp. Especially in brazil. Continues to increase.

The fact is that this movement of growth in the use of Finland Phone Number  instant messaging tools happens globally. In all markets. But through different applications. For example:

in china. Wechat is the most used messaging app ;
in the us. A survey showed that in 2021 facebook messenger was the most used . By 87% of americans;
here in brazil and in emerging markets. We use whatsapp.
Of course. This consolidation mainly indicates an increase in the use of the app as a personal tool. But. Looking at the market as a whole. The strategies of use by companies still seemed to be on the rise. Therefore. The intention of this study is to answer two questions:

Has there already been a process of consolidating whatsapp

As a tool to generate results for both the marketing and sales areas?
Did the covid-19 pandemic have an impact on this process of using the tool?
As rd station builds solutions for brazilian companies and emerging markets. As a leading platform in marketing and business process automation. We deeply investigate the results obtained by our customers to find these answers.

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Through our marketing and sales tools. We collect data on the use of the features available for both rd station marketing and rd station crm . Which are connected with the use of whatsapp.

It is this data and analysis that you will check from now on!

Use of whatsapp within the digital marketing strategy
with the popularization of the use of technology that we have experienced in recent years. We need to highlight that now is the era of mobile marketing . This means that for anyone looking to secure a competitive edge in the market and attract more customers. Reaching audiences on smartphones is essential.

In this case. It is impossible not to mention the use of whatsapp as a channel that all brands need to use in their marketing actions to attract new customers.

But can you really use whatsapp to put digital marketing

Strategies into practice? We know that there are other options for channels such as email marketing or the use of sponsored links . But we must remember that in addition to the volume of active users. The audience that uses whatsapp is extremely dedicated to the platform .

A proof of this is the time users spend using the app. In the digital 2022 survey. The average monthly usage time of whatsapp in brazil was 29.2 hours . That equates to almost 1 hour a day using the messaging app!

Whatsapp is the social networking app that brazilians spend the most time on (source: digital 2022: brazil)
whatsapp is the social networking app that brazilians spend the most time on (source: digital 2022: brazil)
the detail is that the average whatsapp usage time. Looking at the overall result. Is 18.6 hours per month. This means that the brazilian public spends 10.6 hours or 57% more time using whatsapp than the rest of the world .

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