Strengths and challenges of Active and Passive Marketing

With the arrival of new technologies, if your business has a well-positioned website in search engines and profiles on social networks with a good Community Management strategy , your brand will be available to users 365 days a year. 24 hours a day. In general, Passive Marketing actions usually mgamail md gov a lower budget than Active Marketing. . 4.2. Passive Marketing Challenges Most Passive Marketing tools are not immediate, but rather require time. In turn, a lot of work and previous effort is necessary. As a consequence of the low degree of personalization of this type of action, it is necessary to “make a lot of noise” to reach an acceptable group of target customers.

Active Marketing Strengths

The main strength of Active Marketing is that it focuses the action on your potential customers. Therefore, it allows you to know their needs and what they expect from your product or service. On the other hand, having that real contact with your audience helps you build trust around your brand. . 4.4. Active Marketing Challenges The high degree of personalization of the Active Marketing tools supposes a high budget to attract the desired audience. To know your buyer person in detail, a lot of time and previous research work is required.

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Active Marketing Challenges

As we have seen throughout this article, Active and Passive Marketing DV Leads the same as active and passive sentences. “When the subject that performs the action is active, we will speak of active voice. And when the subject is in the background because more importance is given to the action carried out, we will speak of passive voice.» We can say that Passive Marketing is a strategy to guarantee the influx of customers indirectly . The goal is to let a customer find the product or service that she is looking for. Instead, Active Marketing is a strategy where physical presence and action are visible . The objective of this strategy is to create opportunities directly related to the business . In short, both strategies are totally complementary. Therefore, the ideal is to implement an Integrated Marketing Strategy that includes active and passive methods.

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