Storymaker digital strategist, targetologist: what professions will be in demand in 2022

The salaries of digital professionals have increased significantly in 2021. And the forecasts for the next year are also very, very optimistic. What makes up the work of digital specialists and why have they become more in demand now? The digital labor market is changing at a rapid pace, and the pandemic has only accelerated processes and set the demand for employees with completely new specializations. In this article, we will share a list of currently relevant professions with those who are just starting to enter the Internet marketing ecuadorian phone numbers and are looking for a direction in digital. In this article, we have compiled a list of popular professions in Internet marketing with a description of the functionality. You can see the salary rating of all specialists on the website of the recruiting agency .

UX Copywriter / UX Writer / UX Editor

A UX copywriter, unlike a regular copywriter, writes texts for interface elements – buttons, menus, tips, dialog boxes, for positioning devices, for packaging, landing pages, advertising. The task of a specialist is to make a user-friendly interface. A UX copywriter works in a team with a UX designer . The UX designer is the one who is responsible only for the visual execution of the concept, and the UX copywriter is responsible for the text design. The main functions of a specialist.

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Contextual advertising specialist

Contextual advertising managers are engaged in the maintenance and analysis of contextual advertising. They tailor ads to only show to people who search for the same information. Contextual advertising specialists will be needed as long as contextual advertising itself exists. Main goals: Develop, launch and maintain advertising campaigns in Yandex. Direct and Google DV Leads; Prepare promotional materials; Analyze statistics of advertising campaigns in Yandex. Metrica, Google Analytics; Monitor key metrics (CTR, CPC, CV, etc.); Write sales texts; Select and analyze key phrases; Optimize advertising campaigns; Prepare media plans and reports.

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