Stories Trends: How Not to Lose Your Instagram Followers in 2020

Stories have taken attention away from the main feed, and not using Stories = losing 50% of the engagement that could have been in the profile. The article contains fresh statistics and a sea of ​​ideas on what to publish in Stories in order to engage and retain subscribers. Use them when preparing a strategy for 2020 to be fully equipped. The popularity of stories continues to grow – more than 3 million stories are published daily on Instagram and 150 million on Facebook. In 2020, the average time spent on Instagram daily will be 28 minutes per user. This is one minute more than in get a indian phone number. Instagram users have become less likely to post to the feed and more often to stories. The tape has turned into an album photo archive with the brightest moments and beautiful photos. Real life appears more often in stories.

What to post on stories? 

Anything, any moments from your work and everyday life: Share your own mistakes. Interesting thoughts, new ideas, small dreams. It doesn’t have to be directly related to your work activity. Work processes. Packing, cooking, preparation, shooting, dialogues with colleagues, your lunch, etc. Naturalness and sincerity are the most promising trends in social networks. Feel free to your audience and experiment. Imperfection only emphasizes your humanity – it brings you closer to ordinary users. With interactive elements in stories, such as an emoji slider and a question sticker, users interact more actively. Decorate the story with sound. Stories with voice acting perform better than ads without sound. Use voice-overs or music as creative tools to enhance the meaning and value of your brand or product.

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Find the item in the picture

This is a simplified version of the quest. A photo is published in stories, in which there is a small key that is hidden somewhere in the interior. The lost item could be a cat, your logo, jewelry, a book, etc. The goal is to maximize the time spent in Stories. Therefore, The correct answer is posted the day after the end of the story in the account, where you will note the differences in the images. DV Leads content in the confectionery business: a series of stories “put the cake together”. To prevent the user from scrolling through your stories, make bright headlines and original questions. For example, instead of “Ask me a question” – better “How do you feel about Yorkshire Terriers?”. Therefore, A narrower topic is defined here, which gives more opportunity to catch the eye when scrolling through stories.

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