Stories Of Companies Surviving The Pandemic

Looking back on the last 14 months, filled with uncertainty, struggle and hope, we can say that we are lucky to have grown during these turbulent times. Last month, we welcomed the 500,000th user of our platform! However, we don’t take it for granted and understand that as a B2B company, we have survived thanks to the perseverance of our customers. In other words, we did it because you did it! We wanted to celebrate the success of our customers and hear their stories. We set out to find out exactly what it takes to keep their businesses running despite the lockdown, government restrictions, general desperation and constant fear.

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brick-and-mortar stores, retailers, freelancers, and bloggers around the world. Here we are honored to share some of the stories of our customers. Who were kind enough to sit down Qatar Phone Number List  for a virtual chat with us online and share their personal experience. Be sure to check it out get inspired, and maybe you’ll find a story similar to yours. Even on the other side of the world. Ulrike sells cool bike bags six years ago, ulrike. Her husband till and their friend kevin had the idea to start manufacturing bicycle panniers. They rode their bikes every day and knew. How annoying it was to carry things in the bike basket or on their own backs. So they created a solution: a bag that can be attached to the bike and used like a normal bag throughout the day later

Zimmer designed a bike backpack that became their

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Zimmer designed a bike backpack that became their #1 product. In early 2020, Zimmer Fahrradtaschen had a store in Berlin, handled online sales and planned to showcase its products at a “lot of bike shows”. However, COVID-19 crushed all their plans based on offline activities.  So, at some point, the Zimmer company lost a good chunk of its customers and manufacturing capabilities. They had to close their store in Berlin twice, and for quite a while the situation seemed pretty scary. Ulrike points out that they could not have successfully rolled this year

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