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I am sometimes approached with fear and trembling by entrepreneurs who have just come up with a new name. “What do you think of… Meadow?” I just don’t have that much of it. My first question is always: who are your customers and what do they think? A company name is not there for you, but for your customers. They should be happy with the name, passing it on to others, looking it up. And yes, Meadow sounds nice but does it say something about what you do? (In this case yes, it is a beach bar on the IJssel).

In any case, your name should not already exist for a company in the same industry. A well-known example is the company Yoghurt Farm, which resembled the Yogurt Barn that had already been established earlier. Two completely different meanings (Barn = barn and Farm = farm) but of course the judge saw it differently. End of Yogurt Farm.

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Also think about how your name will sound. Take the phone test. Do you have to spell it every time? And do they still misspell your email address? Then you are sure that you have a name with which you run a loss. Because that games costs time and irritation and can even cause the mail not to arrive. With all its consequences.

Complete your name

Last important tip: complete your name. By that I mean that your name is never just your name, but also needs a descriptor and tagline . Sorry for the jargon (another tip, never use jargon).


What’s under your name? So Janssen, lawyers. Janssen is the (bad) company name and ‘lawyers’ is the descriptor. With a simple Partners Email Lists tweak, you can even claim an entire niche in your descriptor. Janssen, lawyers for women in divorce. Or lawyers for politicians who make unpopular decisions. You see, even with a bad company name, the descriptor can do wonders.

Partners Email Lists

The tagline or slogan completes your company name. You also often see these on the vans where you are stuck in the back of a traffic jam. Watch out, you’ll be seeing a lot of them over the next few days.

Your company name is therefore extremely important for your marketing. It’s what your customers are always talking about first. The ultimate test is how you feel about the name. That feeling often determines your marketing. Do you share the name with pride? Fantastic. Do you have doubts about the sound, the meaning or the spelling? Then it might be a good idea to brainstorm about it agai

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