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I would recommend minimizing or completely removing text from any images that appear in this placement. Notice how it’s difficult to read the copy in the below ad examples. In addition, see how the ad with the square image is much more prominent: 10 Tips for Facebook Ad Creative 2. Use Text (Smartly) In 2020, Facebook finally did away with the 20% text rule, no longer penalizing ad images for including text. I’d encourage you to test images with text in them, but don’t overdo it. Often a simple benefit point will get people’s attention more than a text-overloade image.

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Depending on your product, there may be additional creative ways to incorporate working text into your image. For instance, the below product promises to help refine your writing style. In this case, the text in the image highlights a use case for the India Mobile Number List product, while showing off features. 10 Tips for Facebook Ad Creative 3. Think Twice About Stock Photography We’ve all seen the generic stock photos people insert into their ads, such as the well-dresse businesspeople staring coldly into space as they sit around the conference table.

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While stock photos may offer an easy solution for brands without a designer or good photography, these photos often are less likely to grab attention and yield a direct association with your brand. Subscribe to our Newsletter Get the latest SEO & search marketing news conveniently into your inbox. ADVERTISEMENT If you choose to use stock photos, think about adding some sort of brandd element, such as your logo, into the ads. You can also include overlaid text specifically mentioning the offer you are promoting. For instance, the ad below incorporates a photo of a person but also places that on a background with the Wingspan brand logo and a quote to get attention from people with the problem the company seeks to solve. 10 Tips for Facebook Ad Creative 4.

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