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You can filter which products you do or don’t want to include in your product set. If you are a shoe company that also sells shoelaces, for example, you probably don’t want to remarket people that were looking at laces as it would be hard to get a good ROAS on that. You may also want to create different ad sets for different types of shoes so that you could make sure the ad copy was really relevant. If someone was looking at tennis shoes and dress shoes, you could create ad copy that really drove the value of each without having to be too generic.

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But if your audiences are small, you could keep them groupe together to pull all the data together. Dynamic Up-Selling & Cross-Selling The catalog objective is also excellent for up-selling and cross-selling. So you could target people that purchasd specific things with accessories or other items that they may like! For example, one of my clients sells a popular food product. We Norway Mobile Number List remarket recent purchasers with their cookbook if they didn’t buy it when they initially purchase the food product. 9. Recency Basd Lists – If You Have Enough Data If you have enough data to segment it further, you further segment your audiences by recency.

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Think about it – if you visitd a store and adde a pair of shoes to your cart but forgot to check out, you’re likely way more likely to complete the transaction in the next day or next few days if you are remindevs. if you are remindd30 days DV Leads later. By 30 days later, you may have changd your mind or bought something else. Heck, if you were buying the shoes for an event, it may even have already passd. As with all audience segmentation, you have to be careful that extra filters don’t make the audience too small to drive meaningful data collection.

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