Smart Way To Use External Links

When working on your content, you probably read a lot of resources to understand the topic and see what others have to say about it. Regardless of your niche and the topics you cover, you are likely to refer to certain facts and studies or quote someone. This is when the issue of external links comes to the surface. When do you absolutely need to log in? Can Outbound Links Hurt Your Rankings? How do you know if the source is credible? How many links are too many? These and other questions have conjured up many myths about the impact of outbound links on SEO. Let’s get this straight.


In this article, we’ll look at how outbound links influence search engine rankings and how to link to the right sources in the most beneficial way.

What is an external link

Any link on your website that leads Bolivia Phone Number List  to another website is an outgoing or external link. These links can be placed in text, images or buttons assigned as dofollow or nofollow, the latter telling search engines not to vouch for the link (more on that later) visible or hidden from website visitors Naturally placed external links are usually underlined or marked with another color.

How do external links influence your SEO

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But how different is the search engine’s view of your website from the external links you use? In fact, it is in many ways similar to a user’s view. Links to other sites can help you: The way external links improve the user experience is more obvious: by including relevant links, you make it easier for readers to explore certain documents that might interest them and learn more about certain details or facts that you mention. . With outbound links you also build credibility: for example, if you make statements that involve statistics, website visitors may want to feel that this is information they can trust, verify and trust. refer.



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