SERM brand reputation management in search results

To stay in the market, it is especially important to maintain. The reputation of the brand and deal with negative reviews online. In this article, we will explain what SERM is. Why it is important to track mentions on the Internet. And where you need to post reviews in order to be at the top of search results. SERM is a set of actions to improve brand reputation in the search engine. Before germany phone number free, the client often struggles with his own doubts. Looks at reviews about the company on the Internet. The task of SERM is to fill the search results with compelling reviews. To create a positive image of the company in order to help the client make an informed purchase decision. In the study “Anketologist” 1600 users were interviewed – of which 93%they are guided by reviews on the Internet when choosing goods and services.

How to conduct a reputation audit

Manual monitoring – you can independently search for reviews in a search engine using template queries. In the search bar of the browser, enter “company name + reviews.” Users rarely look beyond the first page, but it is worth checking the second and third pages of the issue. Analyze queries in Wordstat – there you can also find negative queries about your company.Scroll through all the pages and look at the negative requests. For example, more than 60 requests per month on the topic “avito delivery scammers.” For these queries, you need to check what is issued in the search engine. If these are the weaknesses of the company, you need to deal with them. If there are fake reviews for these requests, then you should contact the site owner with a request to remove them. Automatic monitoring of mentions can be configured using third-party services.

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Where to post new reviews

There is a general list of sites where you need to place reviews in the first place, because they are quickly indexed by search engines and can be in the top search results in a few days. It is impossible to predict where customers will want to place a review about the company – so it is important that information about the company is everywhere. According to the Anketologist study, 68% read reviews on company websites and online stores, 44% on forums, 38% on special services with ratings and reviews, and 36% on social networks. Register on review sites, create a personal account and post information about your DV Leads. Such sites make it possible to respond to reviews on behalf of the company and moderate negative ones.

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