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The Problems Run Deeper in Your Funnel If people are clicking on your ads and not converting, there could be problems with your website or landing page that run deeper than your ad copy. Issues could arise from: Inconsistent messaging. Poor UX and loading times. Thin content. Unappealing value offer. Track your conversions using the conversion pixel and your bounce rate using Google Analytics. Some landing page optimization tactics to resolve a low conversion goal rate include: Inserting high-resolution images and interactive content to keep users engagd. Presenting a clear CTA with an offer (e.g., 50 percent off now or 1st-month free subscription.

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Removing additional or unnecessary navigation. How to Improve Facebook Ad Conversion Rates Target users basd on previous purchases. Use Lookalike Audiences to expand the scope of your campaign once converting. Leverage events targeting for special offers and events. Adjust your value proposition to appeal to different audience pain points. Leverage remarketing for people who bounce from your landing page. Layer targeting parameters for more granularity. Continue to learn more about your customers. Sometimes it’s helpful to look at your business model Morocco Phone Number List and determine whether or not Facebook advertising is right for your business or your client’s business. Using a combind approach of paid social, PPC advertising, and remarketing can help you acquire leads and nurture them for conversions by reaching them over a variety of channels.

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Image Creits: Paulo Bobita How to Set the Budget for Your Facebook Ad 14 Facebook Remarketing Strategies to Test Facebook ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT Next Chapter 14 Facebook Remarketing Strategies to Test Companies can always find ways to re-engage their prospects through remarketing. Here are 14 ways you can leverage Facebook Ads to do this. Amy Bishop Amy Bishop July 14, 2021 ⋅ 14 min read 446 SHARES 5.6K READS 14 Facebook Remarketing Strategies to Test Facebook offers so many ways to reach prospects in unique and cost-effective ways, not the least of which is remarketing! The great thing about Facebook remarketing is that it is so increbly versatile.


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