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If you have access to store visit tracking and have at least 10 measurable stores set up, you also have the ability to create audiences off of store visits – which opens up a wealth of opportunities for brick & mortar. 4. Remarketing On-Facebook Activities You also have the option to remarket Facebook engagement, which presents a whole host of ways that you can engage and re-engage your audience as they move through the customer journey.

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Remarketing Engagement on Facebook or Instagram One super-easy way to create audiences from engagement is to remarket people that have engagd with your brand on Facebook or Instagram. Unfortunately, you can’t select a specific NETHERLANDS MOBILE NUMBER LIST post (though there are ways to be a little more specific with the categories below) but you can choose to remarket: People that have engagd with your content. People that have visite your page. People that clicke a CTA (Facebook only). A that sent you a message. People that save your page or posts. Everyone that engage with your page (which would include all of the above). Video View Remarketing One way that you can zero in on your engagement audiences is by remarketing video views.

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With video view remarketing, you can’t technically pick the exact post but you can choose to create audiences off of only specific videos or all videos. You can determine if the video views nd to be 3 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds (or thru-play if less than 15s). Alternatively, you can select to target people that watche at least 20%, 50%, 75%, or 90% of the video. So DV Leads for example, you might leverage a higher funnel campaign promoting videos and then you could remarket people that watchd at least 50% of the video. Remarketing Lead Gen Forms With lead generation form remarketing, you can remarket people that opend a form, opene but didn’t submit the form, or people that opend and submitte a form.


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