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YouTube users are reportely voicing complaints that their home fees are getting stale with the same types of recommendations. In response, YouTube built New to You, which allows users to explore beyond their typical recommendations and browse different types of videos that are relate to their interests. Here’s more about New to You and how it will help get content in front of more viewers. YouTube’s ‘New To You’ FeeYouTube’s new feature will show up on users’ mobile home pages in two ways.

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The first way, which YouTube refers to as New to You on refresh, appears at the front of the topic carousel on the top of the screen. When users tap on it they’ll see a whole new set of recommendations featuring content they haven’t seen before. The second way users will encounter this feature is on prompt. New to You on prompt triggers after users scroll far enough down their fee without finding something to watch. An option directly in the fee will invite users to tap into the New to You fd. It will take users into a new set of exploratory Dominican Republic Mobile Number List recommendations where they can discover new types of videos. New to You vs Explore Fee YouTube makes a point of noting that the New to You fee is different from the Explore fee.

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Explore helps viewers on YouTube discover content in specific verticals like gaming, or beauty, or content that is trending worldwide. Explore isn’t necessarily personalize to individual users, and the recommendations don’t take users’ interests into account. The New to You fd, on the other hand, is personalize. With this feature YouTube is aiming for a balance between content users will like, plus content that is a little outside their regular viewing habits. While users can certainly find new videos from a variety of creators in Explore, it’s not tailore to their viewing history. Everyone sees a similar set of recommendations in Explore, while the New to You fee is unique to each user. For more, see the announcement below.

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