Se Ranking’s Big Plans For 2021

Every year in December we ask you to tell us your wishes and then in January we go through the list of your suggestions to decide which of them will be on our roadmap. This year, it may seem that New Year’s resolutions are no longer relevant, as we will likely have to transform our plans to adapt to the ever-changing landscape. Nevertheless, we at SE Ranking have decided to stick to our traditions and so we are ready to tell you what we are up to in 2021.

Thank you for the hundreds of wishes you have made. We’ve read each one, picked out the most popular suggestions, and now have a clear plan for the year ahead.

New local marketing module

In 2020, we started developing a tool that will help you promote your websites effectively in local search. With its help, you will be Belize Phone Number List  able to add your website to popular directories and manage the accuracy of your NAP data in your Google My Business profile and dozens of other catalogs. The tool will also allow you to keep track of your customer ratings and reviews.


The long-awaited SEO content module


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Many of you have told us that you would like our platform to have a content module that would help you with SEO text analysis. We totally agree that we need such a tool, so by the end of 2021 SE Ranking will start helping you create quality content that search engines will love. The tool will check if the text is unique and easy to read and give you recommendations on adding keywords.

You will be able to use our SEO editing tool both in our platform environment and directly in Google Docs. We plan to create a respective plugin. And maybe we will also develop a WordPress plugin.

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