Se Ranking Updates January-march 2021

Since the beginning of this year, we have been working on adding many new features to the platform: new charts, filters and customization options. These may not be our biggest updates, but it’s these little details that make our tools truly useful and intuitive. It is our daily priority to make the SE Rankings easy to use, informative and comprehensive for every user. Now let’s go over all the recent changes to the platform. Rankings are even faster and more convenient First things first: let’s start with the tool you probably use most often to understand your current situation. What has changed in the Rankings module.

Since search engines don’t always provide accurate search

Since search engines don’t always provide Vietnam Phone Number List  accurate search volume data, you can enter this information yourself. Note that updated values ​​will only be displayed for your project’s ratings. Inputting keyword search volumes when checking rankings New filter option by search volume . Now you can check your ranking in a certain range of keywords. Filtering keywords by search volume when checking rankings Exporting data is 2 times faster . Now you can export ranking data in no time. Moreover, you can set any filter while exporting and get the exact information you need. Target URL icon in leaderboard .

You will need to do this separately for each page

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you will need to do this separately for each page. Copying rankings data from SE Ranking Date of control of the first classification . The date the website’s rankings were first checked is now displayed in the Baseline column . First ranking check date in SE Ranking More options when working with notes . If you actively use notes, new customization options will come in handy. You can select which ratings (search engine updates, your own project, and keyword ratings) to display on the leaderboard. In addition, notes can be grouped. Adjusting the notes on ranking graphs New settings, customization and blazing speed in Website Audit Our



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