UAE Phone Number Rich Snippets How to Appear in Position 0 of Google

Recent times has undoubtedly been the position 0 of google. Now, the most popular search engine not UAE Phone Number only offers us a list of sites in response to searches, but also places an extract in a prominent place to give quick answers to user questions. To conquer position 0, the “Trick” lies in optimizing your website using rich snippets. We are going to see what they are, how to detect opportunities to reach position 0 and how to optimize your content to achieve it. Do you want to improve your seo positioning and also your inbound marketing strategy ? Click here and download our free ebookrich snippets how to appear in position 0 of google what are rich snippets.

And how do they work UAE Phone Number

And how do they work? Put simply, rich snippets are enriched pieces of information on a web page UAE Phone Number created so that the search engine better understands the data and classifies it appropriately . Even if you haven’t heard of rich snippets before, you’ve probably seen them in action plenty of times, for example when you google a recipe and the results are displayed as a carousel of images. What is shown in position 0 of google is a ” featured snippet “, which shows an extract of the information sought, the title of the page on which this information is found, a url and, sometimes, an image. Snippets take up a large amount of space at the top of pages.

And as a result, get a large UAE Phone Number

Analyzed uae phone number more than. 2 million snippets google position 0 attracts. 8.6% of clicks. According to the same result the featured rich. Snippet is shown in 12.3% of searches when a search includes. The featured snippet. It “Steals” around 25% of the ctr from. The first result. Rich-snippets-position-0-in-googleit. Should be clear that position 0 and position. 1 can be occupied by the same page or by different pages. The vast majority of featured snippets come. From websites that appear on the first page of results, but only 30.9% of them match the first search result. If you manage to get both the snippet and the first organic result, you will be attracting more than 28% of the clicks. Types of featured snippets

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