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Planning Your Lists Around Other Marketing. Activities Another cool way to use remarketing lists is to help plan your campaigns around other marketing activities – typically email. So let’s say after someone makes a purchase, you may want to advertise . Cross-sell/upsell options to them. Let’s say before you do that, you take a look at the bigger picture. Of other marketing opportunities and you see that email with a cross-sell or up-sell opportunity is. Automatically sent post-purchase 24 hours after the sale.

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Your company has already paid for the email marketing . Platform so it would be silly to try to get sales throug. PPC that you could have gotten through email. To work around that email, all you have to do is add an exclusion for purchasers that made a purchase within the past 1, or maybe 2 (to be safe), days. That way your ads will start running after the emai Pakistan Phone Number List l has a chance to drive the sale. This doesn’t have to only be use for cross-sell/up-sell, this can be usefor any part of the funnel where email has automatd triggers in place, including emails following micro-conversions.

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Try Testing Different Campaign Objectives It can also be worth testing different objectives with remarketing. Often, people lean toward conversion remarketing but, as I mentione above, it absolutely makes sense to test the catalogue objective if you are an e-commerce, as it often will perform even better. It also makes sense to test the DV Leads lead gen objective if you are set up to be able to accept lead gen submissions through Facebook or if you want to drive calls! Even beyond that, though, because remarketing lists are often very warm, it can make sense to test awareness, reach, traffic, and even video view campaigns to see if you can get to a lower cost of acquisition because the CPMs are typically cheaper. Facebook’s bidding algorithm is getting better and better all the time, so it may not beat your conversion-objective campaign — but it is worth a test.


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