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Internal links are important for SEO as they send signals to Google about which pages are most important to a particular website. They don’t send the same ranking signals as external links, but they still matter. In addition, Google uses internal links to better understand a site’s structure. A sitemap can also be usd to communicate that information, but a logical structure of internal links helps make it even clearer. With all the help internal links provide, could too many of them be a bad thing? Here’s what Mueller says.

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Google’s John Mueller on Using Too Many Internal Links Using internal links too liberally throughout a website can lead to problems. The first issue is Google won’t be able to understand the site’s structure. When askd if too many internal links on a page do Greece Mobile Number List more harm than good, Mueller responds: “Yes and no. I think, in the sense that we do use the internal links to better understand the structure of a page, and you can imagine the situation where if we’re trying to understand the structure of a website, with the different pages that are out there, if all.

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Pages are linke to all other pages on the website, where you essentially have like a complete internal linking across every single page, then there’s no real structure there. It’s like this one giant mass of pages for this website, and they’re all interlinke, we can’t figure out which one is the most important one. We can’t figure out which one of these are relate to each other. And in a case like that, having all of those internal links, that’s not really doing your site that much. So regardless of what PageRank, and authority, and passing things like that, you’re essentially not providing a clear structure of the website.

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