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There are two aspects here. From our guidelines we want to make sure that the structurd data you have on your page matches the primary element on your page. So if you’re saying that you can add an FAQ to a random page on your website, sure you can do that. But is this FAQ the primary part of the page? Or relevant for the primary part of the page? That’s something that you kind of nee to figure out. So that’s one aspect.” The other aspect to consider is that Google’s rich results can combine certain types of structure data markup but not others.

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A recipe rich result can also include a star rating, for example. But an FAQ rich result cannot be combind with a how-to. “The other aspect is that, in the search results, some on the rich results types we can combine and some of them we can’t Hungary Mobile Number List combine. So, for example, if you have a recipe and you have ratings then we can often combine that in the search results, in one rich results type. However, if you have an FAQ and you have a how-to, then at least from what I recall what these look like, these are things that wouldn’t be combind in a single rich result type, which means our systems would have to pick one of them to show. And maybe we’ll pick the type that you would have chosen or maybe you would have a different preference on your side.

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If there’s a specific type of rich result you want shown in search results, then Mueller recommends focusing on the markup that’s relevant for that result. Leave out the how-to markup if your priority is to earn an FAQ rich result. “And if you have a strong preference on your side I would just make that super clear to us by just providing that kind of structure data. So if you’re saying: “oh the FAQ results, I really like those for these pages.


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