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Standing out with a new podcast is not easy. How do you find listeners and how can you captivate and bind them? Launch your podcast with a bang, Rutger advises. Because, as farmer Jaap said time and again at Boer is looking for a woman: “ you never get a second chance for a first impression” .

Pick a rock-solid, meaningful name for your podcast. Form a team around you with colleagues and acquaintances who help promote it. Think about additional options and resources that you can use to Administration Directors Email Lists bring your podcast to the attention. Offer yourself as a guest speaker and use other content forms such as blogs, social media and newsletters.

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Finally, there are some tips to retain listeners: take a good look at your format, always build your podcast more or less the same. Marc-Marie Huijbregts and Aaf Brandt Corstius apply this principle well in their podcast ‘Marc-Marie & Aaf Vinden Something’. Use storytelling in your podcast, for example by telling the stories of your customers. Cliffhangers can also work well – as long as you don’t exaggerate. Identify hazards and risks that listeners can avoid by continuing to listen.

Looking back, I think we paid too little attention to the first and last step at RVO. It’s like Rutger also says: with a little more patience and a good plan we could have gotten a lot more out of it.

10 commandments for a successful podcast

The booklet is more than a ‘how to’ and is full of useful practical and technical tips, as well as listening tips for even more inspiration. Rutger lists the most important points in 10 commandments for a successful podcast:

  1. Serve your niche, not the whole world
  2. Start, but always with a plan
  3. Avoid lengthy introductions and proposal rounds
  4. Stimulate where you can stimulate and keep it exciting
  5. Make it personal, address the listener directly
  6. Know your audience and know what listeners find important
  7. Be critical and improve yourself a little bit every episode
  8. Have fun, because you hear that
  9. Use the power of SEO and make your podcast discoverable

What is good employership

  1. Don’t make it too difficult and start your fascinating journey todayIn a labor market where the ‘war for talent’ is raging, the reputation of your organization is more important than ever for the recruitment of top talent. Good employership is the weapon against staff shortages. It ensures higher involvement, less stress and more happiness at work among current employees. But not only that. You are also able to position yourself as an attractive employer for potential new employees. And that makes recruiting new staff in this market just that little bit easier. But what exactly does good employment mean? Where do you start? And how do you ensure that you position your organization as an irresistible employer in the labor market? You can read it in this article!


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