Reasons for using Active and Passive Marketing

If your company sells “necessary” or essential products, the main strategy must be Passive Marketing . Keep in mind that needs-based products follow a pull strategy. That is, it is the factorymation promo code who goes to your search. Therefore, it is essential to focus on Trade Marketing actions with distributors. Wholesalers or retailers, to make your product available to consumers through the different distribution channels. It is also essential to have a persuasive website and an online store that provides a good user experience. It is very different if the products you make available to the market are “wanted” products. Since, wish-based products need actions that entice users to purchase.

Customer profile purchase

When your customer knows your products or services perfectly, they know where to find them and how to use them, you simply have to make it easy for them to purchase . On the other hand. When customers are not aware of the existence of your product or service, you need to actively engage potential customers in conversations, online chats, etc. so that your product or service is noticed and that necessary brand awareness is created for its sale . Your goal is to create the necessary buzz to significantly impact customers.

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Passive Marketing

If the purchase cycle of your product or service is short, the DV Leads closes the sale at the same time that he has the initial contact with the product . Therefore, in these cases, Passive Marketing actions that focus on contact between seller and buyer and the exposure of products and services at the right time and place are enough. When the sales cycle is long, Active Marketing actions are essential . Keep in mind that you must search for potential customers, show them all the after-sales services, discounts, benefits, other offers, etc. And ultimately, convince them that your product is the best on the market.


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