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Despite his protest another community member replied to said. Thread and believes that the news site was expected to be hit. He mentioned that the site had too many ads. “Cheap low-quality adult images low-quality content, and that it took over 12 seconds. To load a page in lighthouse .

Perhaps the most controversial case is that of ccn (cryptocoinsnews). Which had to shut down because it lost over 70% of traffic overnight leading to a 90% drop in ad revenue. Despite the allegations, Google denies blacklisting cryptocurrency news sites. Cryptocurrency site Cointelegraph also clarified that they are still visible on Google and have not experienced a significant drop or increase in traffic like other websites in their industry.

Many webmasters and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.  50 employees shut down almost. Overnight due to a seasonal google algorithm update. Although ccn founder borchgrevink believes they were personally attacked. By the search engine giant others believe otherwise.

Based on the responses on the Google Search

Based on the responses on the google  Jamaica Phone Number List  search console post borchgrevink. A few believe it has to do with the website being in the ymyl (your money or your life) category . Semrush says ymyl websites are those that give advice on health, finances. Safety, or happiness that can negatively impact a person’s life. Income or happiness quality many websites fall into this category.Mostly websites that talk about cryptocurrency and health.

Silver product expert Nikolaj Antonov responded on Borchgrevink’s thread how YMYL and EAT (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness) affected the website’s position.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, other product experts

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Apart from the factors mentioned above, other product experts have also commented on how the flaws in moving the website from the old domain name (cryptocoinsnews.com) to the new one (ccn.com) could have affected their rankings. The misuse of 301 redirects on 404 pages to the new domain’s home page confuses Google’s algorithm.

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