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Is on a network or platform I like. Is easy to watch on-the-go. Doesn’t require my full attention. Reminds me of my life. Takes me back to another time in my life. Has its finger on the pulse of culture. Create by people like me. Makes me feel part of a community. Has famous actors. Right there, you have a long list of ways that a video’s content can tap into your target audience’s personal interests and passions before you get to the network or platform that it’s on. In other words, content is still King. The platform is – at best – a Baron. In fact, the ability to help people dig into their interests was twice as important as being on a preferre network or platform. And it was four times more important than featuring famous actors. So, yes, trends in the digital video marketing business generally don’t move in a straight line. Some tendencies and fashions change.

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Other movements and things don’t. And still, other developments and crazes unexpectely move sideways. But, if there is one over-arching lesson can Czech Republic Mobile Number List you learn from reviewing the top 40 viral videos of all time, then it is: Create content worth sharing. Yes, you can upload it to different platforms. Yes, you can make it in longer or shorter formats. And, yes, your audience may watch it on a variety of different devices.

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If you want lots of people to help your video go viral by sharing it with all of their friends, family, and colleagues, then create content that helps them relax and unwind, teaches them something new, allows them to dig deeper into their interests, makes them laugh, relates to their passions, is inspiring, makes them forget about the world around them, keeps them in-the-know, or addresses social issues that are important to them. In short, two-thirds of what makes a video go viral is content that speaks to what they’re passionate about.

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