Qualities that a specialist of this profile needs or what a product manager needs to know

For this format, people who are characterized by the following traits are suitable: Dominance. Usually characteristic of bosses, managers and business owners. Without this quality, it is impossible to imagine lobbying both one’s own interests and and the views of the team, product changes, additional budget. Persistence. It enables the specialist to complete the work begun, to achieve the set goals. It is hard to imagine a product that controls the timing and quality of a specific task without perseverance. A responsibility. Specialists with such a personality trait are convinced that everything depends only on them, and not on external estonia mobile number. Therefore, they work exclusively for the result. Creativity and comprehensive “advancement”.

Prospects for the profession

If you are thinking about how to get a job as a product manager and whether it is necessary, we suggest looking at the statistics: In 2020, approximately 1,500 companies were looking for specific product launch managers. In addition, companies offer similar and related vacancies that overlap with project and brand management. In 2021, these figures only continue to grow, indicating that the direction is promising, interesting and relevant. The average salary of a product manager is 150,000 rubles. In IT, the amounts are much larger, since you have to work with foreign projects. The maximum amount is 600,000 rubles. Such a salary for a project manager in Moscow is no longer surprising, and this is not the limit.

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How to become a product manager from scratch: basic recommendations

You can learn the basics and understand the standard principles at the economic, PR and marketing faculties of universities. But such education is not DV Leads, because his portfolio “speaks” for a specialist. To be able to keep track of the latest business trends, to be able to manage business processes, we recommend that you regularly improve your skills by taking highly focused courses. Please note that pharmaceutical and industrial products must have a special industry education. In the process of learning, you will begin to form your own portfolio, perform practical tasks, get acquainted with business processes from the inside

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