Qatar country on the Arabian Peninsula on the high-altitude journey

Qatar is a shining economic power in the Arabian Peninsula, with only 1/3 of Taiwan’s land. Since the exploration of oil and natural gas in the 1940s, Qatar has transformed from an extremely poor country to the richest country per capita in the world in just a few years. . Although living in a desert where materials are scarce, it breaks through the imagination of the outside worldWhat has subverted our traditional ISIS urban appearance, now let us enter the mysterious “Qada” desert country to find out, and how they shape communication and openness to the outside world.

Huge oasis building in the desert – Hamad (DOH) International Airport

Located in Doha, the capital of Qatar, it has been officially opened since its completion in 2014. It occupies almost 1/3 of the capital and can accommodate nearly 50 million passengers a year. There is one of the most iconic giant teddy bears in the center of Hamad Airport, which makes transit passengers feel warm and relaxed.

The mysterious country of Qatar allows you to travel for free 96 hours

To the average person, Qatar, like some of the Islamic State, is conservative, secretive, and unapproachable, but perhaps you should break this conventional thinking. Qatar Airways (Qatar) recently launched a transit travel service, as long as the transit at Qatar Duha Airport exceeds 5 hours, you can register for a free Doha city tour, and the Ministry of Interior of Qatar Airways has cooperated with tourism. The bureau negotiated and opened the extension of the transit time for inbound tourism. If you transit in Doha for more than 5 hours, you can extend the original maximum of 48 hours to 96 hours for inbound tourism, and you do not need to apply for a transit visa in advance.

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