Prospects and Opportunities for growth

The director of the marketing department is a top position that attracts with a good salary, social package and opportunities for further growth. It’s no surprise that every aspiring marketer or manager seeks to occupy it. However, even at the top of the career ladder, a qualified and successful CMO has great prospects. Among them: Transfer to another company with a higher salary or a wide social package. Working in a small firm, you can not only gain experience and improve your skills, but also establish business contacts that will be useful in the future. With a good resume and cases of successfully implemented find phone number by name lebanon, a direct road to major domestic or foreign brands.

Average salary Most Important

Salary is the most pleasant side of this profession. Plus, in many large companies, it comes with bonuses and bonuses that are awarded for the successful completion of projects. Therefore, beginners do not need to be afraid of a relatively low starting rate. It is not indicative of low income. As of 2021, the average salary of a marketing director in Russia is 100 thousand rubles. Moreover, in the regions it can be 80 thousand, and in Moscow and St. Petersburg it can reach up to 350 thousand rubles. In terms of salary, directors of marketing departments compete with buyers (100 thousand rubles), managers of Internet projects (100 thousand rubles), email marketers (70 thousand rubles). This also includes SMM and content managers, targetologists, SEO marketers.

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Tips for beginners

The head of the marketing department is a responsible and nervous position. The actions of this specialist affect the success of the company, its profit and competitiveness. In essence, when an executive hires a CMO, he gives him carte blanche and freedom to promote the brand in the real or digital market. Therefore, before taking on such responsibility, a beginner needs to learn how to promote himself. For this: Hone your skills on small or volunteer projects where you can gain relevant DV Leads, establish yourself and build a client base. Follow market trends. Track the actions of competitors.

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