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In order to determine what the core of the problem is and for whom. Sweden WhatsApp Number List solutions are intended, design Sweden WhatsApp Number List thinking. Starts by collecting information about the target group. What does it run into? From which frame of reference does the user reason? What are the expectations? There are countless possibilities for creating that empathy.

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Think of tools and techniques such as: observation, interviews, surveys or empathy Sweden WhatsApp Number List mapping. Phase 2. Define Often Sweden WhatsApp Number List there is a question behind the question and therefore a problem behind the problem. During the define phase, teams analyze the findings from the first phase. Based on that information, they can determine exactly what a solution is needed for. In other words, what is the real problem?

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Once again, the target group is central to concretising Sweden WhatsApp Number List this problem. Define phase: define the problem Phase 3. Ideate The next stage is ideate. Now the characteristic brainstorming sessions are offered in which teams. Generate Sweden WhatsApp Number List ideas that form a possible solution to the problem. In the first instance, this is not about finding the perfect solution, but about coming up with many possible solutions.

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