Pros and Cons of working as a Website promotion Specialist

Every profession has its pros and cons. Optimization is no exception. It all depends on which path the specialist has chosen. If he works in a team, then the load and, accordingly, the stress is distributed among its members. If he decides to work directly with the client, he needs to mentally prepare. So before choosing a job or taking on a project, you need to understand in what format you want to work. Self-selection of the type of employment. After graduation, the graduate can choose in which format it is denmark phone number for him to work. He can take a vacancy in the company, organize his own project or go freelance, performing tasks for various customers.

Work Experience and regional reference

Two factors influence wages here – work experience and regional reference. According to vacancies posted on the large online service HeadHunter, the average in Russia is 40,000 rubles. However, at the beginning of a career, a SEO specialist can receive up to 30 thousand rubles. Well paid, as a rule, multidisciplinary masters, whose duties include promotion, and Internet marketing, and adding content to the site. In St. Petersburg, you can find vacancies where candidates are promised a salary of 125 thousand rubles. But most often here they pay 65-85 thousand rubles. In Moscow, the situation is better. Here you can receive from 170 thousand rubles. Such vacancies are not uncommon for the capital. Moreover, you can apply for them even if you do not have much experience.

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How to become an SEO Specialist

Today, to master a profession in demand, you do not need to study at a college or university. You can enroll in courses: a free course that will give basic knowledge, introduce you to the intricacies of work and even entrust a small graduation project; a paid course that will provide in-depth knowledge. Talk about effective optimization tools, make recommendations and help with DV Leads; narrow-profile paid courses where they give techniques that help you complete tasks faster and achieve goals.

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