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Customer experience research is not the goal, but the means. The goals, the customer experience strategy and the KPIs that you link to it, such a important. A  only works if you do this from a well-considered plan in which you formulate the goals/KPIs that you want to achieve with your organization. All this based on the feedback from your customers.

The advantage of such a plan is that you can refine and adjust it if necessary. Also set a time frame in which you want to achieve the goals and keep them realistic. Put a dot on the horizon in three years and work from, for example, a 6.9 for customer satisfaction to an 8. Or an NPS from -5 to +10. See what you need for this and how you can achieve it. Other goals can be: further growth, improving the quality of services and processes or improving the relationship and communication with the customer. Another tip: make research fun too.

Listen to your customers

Through frequent research you will find out what customers really think of you. Customers naturally want to be listened to, but listening is more than just hearing. They also want something to be done with their feedback.

Customer feedback provides your organization with data to improve your services. In order to get customer feedback into the DNA of your organization, involvement at all levels is important: from strategic to operational. This is how you create support. Also offers tailor-made insights at all levels, for example via clear dashboards, which a function group/team or individual employee, supervisor or manager can use to optimally handle and follow up on customer feedback. In addition, ensure that management can steer at an organization-wide level with the main KPIs in a dashboard.

Then this. The customers are the ‘stars’ in a customer experience survey. Always thank them warmly for their cooperation after every investigation or contact measurement moment. Let them know what the next steps are based on their feedback. communicate. And above all: keep paying attention to them!

In order to get customer feedback into the DNA of your organization, involvement at all levels is important: from strategic to operational.” – Kay Sijbrandij and Marit Luijten, customer experience consultants at Integron

And what about customer experience in 2022

, based on 220 customer surveys , shows that customer experience is becoming increasingly important for companies . We COO Email List examined nine B2B sectors: construction and installation, wholesale, ICT, industry, transport and logistics, financial services, waste services, facility services and professional services.

COO Email List

The impact of COVID-19 on customer experience was still significant in 2021, but less significant than in the ‘corona outbreak year’ 2020. Last year, the economy slowly but surely recovered. This brought with it challenges, such as growing demand for products and services, supply problems, staff shortages and scarcity of raw materials.

Many B2B companies were also forced to digitize the buyer and customer journey. Despite the challenges, the NPS increased from +11 in 2020 to +16 in 2021. On average, companies scored a 7.9 on customer satisfaction. The report does show differences by industry. The industrial and wholesale sectors, for example, once again score well. The wholesale sector predominates with no less than 47% promoters. The NPS here, just like in the industry, is +33 and scores an average satisfaction of 8.2. And for the third year in a row, the construction and installation sector manages to increase the NPS: +4. In waste services, the NPS remains negative, but the number of detractors has decreased.

Do you also want to improve the customer experience? Integron offers total expertise

In addition to collecting customer feedback, we have extensive experience in helping customers follow up. Every year we help more than two hundred B2B organizations improve the customer experience. We offer a total picture and total expertise, whereby we fully customize everything and coordinate it with our customers (clients) based on the goals. Read more about what we can do for your organization in the field of customer experience and customer feedback i .

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