Profession tester what is the salary of a tester and what do you need to be able to do?

If the main task of the developer is to create a product, then the task of the tester is to make sure that the product works exactly as it was intended. At the same time, both work in close contact with each other: the tester finds errors and vulnerabilities, transfers them to the developer, who makes corrections – and the product is sent back for testing. So – until they release a version that will not cause any complaints from the tester. Here’s what a tester’s job looks like: Reading product documentation: instructions and recommendations from developers and product analysts. Testing. france phone number list and analysis of the results: errors.

Pros and cons of being a tester

A good start for those who want to work in development or product analytics in the future. High demand in the labor market. Low entry threshold: does not require extensive knowledge and skills, like programmers and developers. Suitable for people with an analytical mindset who loves consistent and logical actions. Good prospects for growth. You can work remotely – suitable for those who live in the regions. Minuses: High competition. Lower salaries (compared to other professions in the industry), especially at the start. Quite monotonous work, in which there is not much creativity. There are strict limits – in terms of deadlines, sequence of actions and results of work.

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What qualities, skills and tools does a tester need?

Here are the personal qualities that play an important role for this profession: Analytic mind. You will have to work with large amounts of information, develop a clear sequence of actions and analyze the results. Attention to detail. The tester should pay attention to the slightest deviation from how the developers see the product and check any possible options. perseverance. You have to perform a large amount of routine operations and carefully monitor the slightest mistakes. Critical thinking. DV Leads if the product looks perfect, it is important to verify this in practice. Responsibility and a systematic approach. It is important to comply with the regulations and work scenarios, achieve the set result and provide the result of your work in the form of clear and understandable recommendations. Not just to find an error, but to describe in detail under what circumstances and why it occurs.

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