Profession SMM specialist: what you need to know and how much you can earn

The word “SMM-schik” today is widely known, but not everyone understands what he specifically does. This is not just a specialist in the field of Internet marketing. SMM is a narrow specialization associated with the promotion of advertisers’ pages on social networks. The abbreviation stands for “Social Media Marketing”. This is a set of measures to promote the company in social media. And attract the attention of the audience to its brand using social platforms. The number of active users of social networks reaches about half of the world’s population. And this dictates the rules of the game for advertisers in this field. Almost every organization has accounts on social platforms, and they need to be continuously maintained and made get a german phone number, replenishing the audience of subscribers. This is exactly what is included in the competence of the SMM manager.

What does an SMM specialist do?

First, let’s figure out what the SMM manager works with. Social media is not only Odnoklassniki and VKontakte, but also platforms that are used: for communication (Facebook, etc.); for reviews and reviews ( Otzovik and IRecommend are popular in Russia); for short posts and notes (Twitter, Tumblr); for sharing media content (Instagram, YouTube); for discussions (Yandex.Q, etc.); social bookmarking services (in which users collect and store links to content of interest and can share them with others – for example, Pinterest). In the presented media, an SMM specialist promotes the company’s brand, taking into account the specifics of the site. Different social networks use different promotion tools. Here are the main ones.

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Directions of work of the SMM manager

Therefore, The qualification of a specialist strongly depends on the level of knowledge of various promotion tools and experience in their use. For a beginner, it is enough to be able to lead official communities, but a professional should understand all aspects of promotion in social networks, which can be divided into several stages: 1. Strategy development Information analysis. However, The specialist collects data about the target audience. Therefore, learns about its preferences, needs, weaknesses, etc. The information is used to build a communication strategy with the audience, on the basis of which the content is formed and DV Leads“tone of voice” of the brand is determined. The SMM manager also analyzes competitors to find out what strategy they are following. Therefore, what are their advantages and disadvantages.

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