Profession Product Manager: who is it, how much does it earn and what does it do?

The profession of a product manager appeared on the market not so long ago, but managed to quickly become relevant. Over the past three years, the demand for specialists in this niche has grown rapidly. Today it is almost impossible to imagine the IT world and most startups without such an expert. The article contains information about what a product manager does, what are his main email and phone number list, career opportunities, salary levels and a host of other interesting points.

Features of the profession

To understand what a product manager does, you need to delve into business processes in detail. The Functional Responsibility Specialist is the “link” between the departments of the company. Its main task is to manage and control processes during the creation of a new product or service. These include: Acceptance, discussion or rejection of an idea. Building a plan for the technical implementation of the task. Creation of reporting for further analysis, improvement of business processes. The list of duties depends on the direction of the company. To understand what a product manager should be able to do, you need to delve into the chosen niche. For example, some companies entrust a specialist with the generation of ideas, while others entrust only control over their implementation.

email and phone number list

What does a product manager do a checklist of key responsibilities

Tasks and responsibilities may vary depending on the niche. In order not to get confused, we suggest breaking down the main duties of an expert into stages using the example of working in an IT company. Development of a unique IT product. A product manager is an employee who, at the first and main stage, performs the following: Identifies and spells out the key business objectives of the presented solution. Gathers a team of performers, determines the level of responsibility of each specialist, sets tasks. Conducts a detailed market analysis, studies the latest trends and competitors, develops value propositions as part of product DV Leads. Together with the team, he defines the vision of the product, its probable prospects, ways of improvement. Engaged in the creation of an MVP product or its prototype.

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