Profession content manager: what is the salary of a content manager and what do you need to be able to do?

A content manager is a specialist who manages content on behalf of a company or brand: creates or receives it from other performers, finds, edits, and posts. Content refers to texts, photos, videos and other materials that are related to the product. All this works for the image of the company or brand, promotes the product online and attracts new customers. According to job descriptions, one might get the impression that the profession of a content manager is associated only with filling sites: cards and product german phone number, feature articles and pictures. In fact, it is closer to the profession of an editor, partly intersects with marketing, PR and SEO.

What are the responsibilities of a content manager?

Here are the main tasks: Developing a content strategy and drawing up a content plan. Analysis of competitors, study of statistics and key trends in the market. Writing or ordering texts, photos, designs and videos. Working with photo and video stocks, simple image and video processing in editors. Publication of content on all platforms. Preparation and launch of individual products and landing pages as part of promotions and advertising campaigns. Tracking statistics on reach and responses to posts and publications. Preparing reports on posted content and responses received. Editing and posting materials on the site in accordance with the recommendations of SEO specialists. Depending on the company, a content manager job description may also include.

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Qualities and Skills of an Ideal Content Manager

Creativity: the ability to come up with formats, ideas and concepts for specific platforms and audiences. High self-organization: you need to monitor the timing of the preparation and publication of content, control the work of performers and track results. Ability to work in a team, including with remote employees and contractors. Fast learner: many formats, applications and programs have to be mastered on the go. Multitasking: in the process of working, you need to quickly switch between different tasks and activities. Attentiveness and accuracy: often a content manager has to perform the functions of an editor and proofreader, avoiding mistakes and inaccuracies. Basic skills in working with Excel formulas, html and CSS DV Leads, statistics services (Yandex. Metrica and Google Analytics), various CRM and CMS. Perfect Literacy. Basic understanding of marketing, Internet promotion and SEO.

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