5 Tips for Practicing a Better Work Guatemala Phone Number Culture

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Make Others Feel Guatemala Phone Number Welcome 

Just about everyone knows what it feels like to transition from one job to another. Leaving behind a familiar job is both exhilarating and equally frightening,…well, depending on the situation you’re departing from that is. I can tell you that when I walked into Abby Connect’s headquarters 9 years ago, I felt that pull between feeling elated and fearsome.  I needed a job and all the hunting I’d been doing was looking rather grim. Yet, I was excited knowing that somehow I would be okay here. I’m what Guatemala Phone number you call an “eternal optimist”. Little did I realize at the time though, even as an optimist, that this job would be much better than just okay. Walking into the lobby, a vibrant woman in brilliant fashion and with an exuberant attitude to match greeted me. Her smile was genuine and her voice kind. I felt my nervousness melt away. This moment would mark the beginning of my amazing journey.


Have And Practice Guatemala Phone Number Values 

Companies with values help their employees understand what kind of culture and working environment to both expect and live up to. Our core values help support our vision, our mission, and, you guessed it, they even helped cultivate our company culture.  For a long time, we were functioning without clear values. We had them but they weren’t defined yet. Embodying Guatemala Phone Number these shared beliefs and getting our employees to advocate for them was how we became unified. Gradually over time, Gail’s warm and serene personality, the same one that greeted me all those years ago and still radiates within our office to this day, would filter itself throughout our company’s way of life.

Maintain a Growth Guatemala Phone Number Mindset 

If you feel happy, content, and confident in the things you’re currently doing, that’s great. Keep doing what you’re doing. And, if you should choose to apply for employment with us, the more power to you. If you’re happy then Abby is happy. For those of you who want to grow their skills and abilities, we offer that here too. Recently our department leaders had Guatemala Phone Number a team-building discussion. And, in that discussion, our guest speaker asked everyone present at the table if they were still in the position they had originally started in. Three out of the thirteen people raised their hands. That’s less than a quarter of the entire group. Mind you, two of those people had started their positions with us within this past year. This is solid evidence that the growth of a company shouldn’t stop with its sales margin. It should live on in its people.

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