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On Facebook you have Stars and on Instagram you Norway WhatsApp Number List can turn on Badges. These are like tokens that viewers can purchase and give to creators during live broadcasts. The creator or page earns 1 cent per Star received. Badges are worth $0.99 to $4.99. On the Meta platforms you have Stars. This way you can easily ask for a contribution or support in a Norway WhatsApp Number List live broadcast. Invite only Participating in Stars is currently ‘invite only’.

The Following Components

Meta decides for itself who is allowed to Norway WhatsApp Number List participate and who is not. Also because this feature is currently still in beta and can therefore only be used by a limited number of creators. Meta is probably still exploring how exactly this component can be used. Badges are available for business accounts and creator accounts on Instagram. It remains Norway WhatsApp Number List to be seen how this way of providing support to your favorite influencer (or entrepreneur) by paying directly will change the use of influencers. And how it may also cause influencers to become less dependent on collaborations with brands.

Norway WhatsApp Number List

What Do I Stand For

Paid online event The option to create an event  on Facebook is not new, and was extremely popular for a while to promote events. But now it is also possible to organize virtual or physical events for a fee. This allows you to use them in a different way. For example, you can make a certain live video paid for your followers as a separate item. Or you can directly give online lessons or workshops with a live video.


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