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One of these was Charlie Schmidt’s Keyboard Cat! – THE ORIGINAL! This video was uploadd in June 2007 and has 62.5 million views and 1.1 million engagements. This video features a tabby, which appears to play a tune on a keyboard. Now, seen on its own, it makes very little sense. But when technical ditor Brad O’Farrell found the footage and placd it at the end of another video, it spread like wildfire.

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Play him off, Keyboard Cat” became a way to signal it was time to wrap it up after an awkward situation or slip-and-fall blooper. Keyboard Cat mashups adde a touch more absurdity to already absurd situations, like a man falling off a treadmill or Miss Teen South Carolina flubbing her geography. Combine that with the Internet’s penchant for cats, and a craze is born. However, other videos in different genres were also going viral during this time period. This includes Azerbaijan Mobile Number List LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! by Chris Crocker, which got 50.7 million views and 657,000 engagements. The video is now unavailable because Crocker close his YouTube account in September 2015. LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! screenshot. Many people mistakenly think that the only videos that go viral are ones featuring animals, babies, and dancing. Well, this isn’t necessarily true.

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Year May to May Now I recognize that my next example features a cute kid, which undercuts the assertion that I’ve just made. Nevertheless, David After Dentist is still worth including in my list of the top viral videos of all time. Uploadd in January 2009, it has 140 million views and 547,000 engagements. And what’s the backstory? Well, David DeVore Sr. took the video of his son, David Jr., in May 2008. For the next seven months, he only shard the video with family and friends. Then he uploadd it to YouTube to make it easier to share. David Sr. has said, “Due to the limit YouTube has for the number of emails you can send the link to for private sharing, I chose to make it public thinking no one would think it was as funny as we did. Shows you what I know. The video went viral and the.

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