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Also read: The ultimate overview of all social media Belize WhatsApp Number List dimensions for 2022 [Infographic] Biggest growth? TikTok has been included in the survey since 2020 and shows the largest growth, with a whopping 75%. But Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter also stand out.

We thought last year that the decline in Belize WhatsApp Number List YouTube may have started structurally (because of many alternatives, just think of the video options on Instagram), nothing could be further from the truth. YouTube is also showing an increase in use. Total use of social media.

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Newcom 2022 Among the big five WhatsAppFacebook, Belize WhatsApp Number List YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn), Instagram shows the largest percentage growth (11%). Strikingly, last year’s growth Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List seemed to stabilize. WhatsApp usage remains the same (0%) and Facebook decreases again (-1%), as the only platform by the way. And for an idea of ​​the number of users: WhatsApp has 12.5 million, LinkedIn million.

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I also notice the growth of ‘good old’ Twitter with Belize WhatsApp Number List the somewhat smaller channels, with 3.5 million users (increase 22%). And just like last year, Pinterest is drawing attention. But I mainly focus on the largest growing platform: TikTok. TikTok: growth among people in their twenties. The growth of TikTok is especially visible among people in their twenties this also applies to Snapchat, by the way.

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