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After you have type in all the information to generate a search, the results page will include the headings: Top: This is a list of what Twitter considers the tweets that are triggering the most reaction. Latest: These are tweets that were recently poste. People: These are the accounts of users base on your search criteria. Photos: These are tweets that include user-poste images. Videos: These are tweets with links to videos on other websites. After reviewing the results, you may realize that you nee\d to refine or broaden your search. You can do that by simply going back to the Advance. Search page.

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Depending on the level of analysis ne, there are also paid programs that can email alerts base on hashtags, business name, etc. An example of this is Twilert, which is basically a Google Alerts for Twitter. How Can You Use Advancd Twitter Search to Generate Leads? There are several ways to use this Twitter search feature to drive revenue through lead generation. One way to do this is to assess what customers complain about regarding your Albania Mobile Number List competitors’ products. Then you can use this information to improve your product. The Advance Search feature can provide your business with valuable demographic information, information about prospects in your local area, and lead generation opportunities. When your goal is lead generation, you will want to focus on these areas People.

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Places Dates Other There are many ways for you to generate leads using these fields, but two of the most common methods include the below. 1. Competitor mentions Type in the name of a major competitor under the exact phrase field in Words, and under the “Mentioning these accounts” field under People. Then click the “Negative” box under Other and analyze the results. Make a spreadsheet of all the users who have negative comments about your competitor, and reach out to them with promo codes and discounts, knowing that they are dissatisfie with the product or service they receivd. In the example below, a brand competitive with GoDaddy searchd for negative tweets about the company, hoping to take advantage of customer dissatisfaction.

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