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The playbook has 5 columns. The first column is obvious. Describe the ideal candidate profile. Demographic, geographical, all criteria you can think of are discussed here.

Then you will talk about the market the candidate is in, from which industry, region or type of organization they should come from.

Based on the description, you make the available candidates transparent in terms of numbers. This will give you a better idea of ​​the size of the number of candidates that match the role you want to fill. Because if you have a better idea of ​​the potential numbers, you can determine how you are going to try to get in touch with them. For example, you will not organize an event if only 100 people match the profile you are looking for. Then a 1-on-1 approach is much more suitable.

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2. Structure for success

When we work on a recruitment campaign, we know that we are more successful if we guarantee certain things. What is a good reason to get in touch? We actually reverse the inbound marketing method: awareness, consideration, decision . In the awareness phase you have to make sure you get the attention. A good reason to reach out is then of great importance.

“I came across your profile on LinkedIn, you have an interesting background and we have vacancies.” does not count as a good reason to contact someone. It can also be different. You first want to create a bit of awareness and start a conversation. If you add value (and you should be able to), you will see that you are much more engaged with the potential candidates.

If you are one of the Big Four looking for accountants, and you organize a roundtable session in which experts give their views on the most important trends and developments of 2022, you add value. You are personal for his/her own knowledge, but also in his/her role. It is a Chief VP Compliance Email Lists personal invitation because you want to share information. You have the opportunity to immediately show something of your organization, both culturally and professionally. You will see that by adding this step you are already talking to a huge number of candidates.

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It is logical that you do tell something about your own organization. So add that as well, but always relate it to something that is relevant to that person.

3. Commitment

If you are in a substantive conversation with someone, it is easier and feels much more natural (especially less recruitment-like) to refer to open vacancies and ask for an introduction. It is important that you have the first important things ready with which you can give someone a good picture of the organization. This concerns learning & development , people and culture.

Is there already content available for this or is it yet to be made? And what exactly is the description of the role? Make an inventory of what is already available internally and what you can (re)use

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